The Archery bully

Date: 3/22/2017

By Jadders

I was cycling to work, not to work but to us the wearhouse. I had the extra lo g box on my handle bars that I had to take all the way there with me. Once I got into the wearhouse there were loads of other people there getting ready for an archery lesson. They were all beginners. I opened my box to find and archery bags which had my bow in. I left the box and my bike on the floor, took my bag with my archery kit in it and when to join the others who were preparing to have their first lesson. As I took my bow out I realised it wasn't the one I wanted. this one was wood and very simular to the beginner bows. But I'm not a beginner. But as it was cheaper I thought I'll just get over it and use it. I felt so confident as I know how to place my bow together and the other people didn't. I then had to show them. We then here this speaker go off from above saying, "Dough, the world's best archer has now arrived". The red carpet got laid out for him. He then got these shoes on the carpet that do all the moving for him. He just stands still and the shoes move him over the red carpet. He comes off the red carpet, looks at me and my bow and then all of a sudden has his bow in his hand. Brand new and all shiny. The exact one I want. He could see the disappointment in my eyes. So he started waving it around in front of my eyes. He then asked to have a look at my bow so I said sure just be careful. He then snapped every single part of the bow. Not caring that I was now in floods of tears.