Something in the Air

Date: 8/24/2019

By grils_like_girls

I dreamt a long an complex dream that I can no longer remember, but the end is burned into my brain with the pain that only a close to home hitting nightmare can bring. The government had changed hands many times in the last few years, to the point where no one could really keep track. We were just too caught up in our daily doings. But strange things started happening. Most specifically the new life giftings. The selected people would line up in a long row with curtains in front of them while a crowd of onlookers huddled around. Then there were presented with their new life in every form from parakeet to mouse to bunny to baby. It was strange, but many people were excited to get their new life. I don’t know how the government was convincing every one so well, since there were no lectures or pamphlets or campaigns or anything. People just knew what was wanted of them, slowly. The most susceptible and least skeptic went first. Slowly pets began turning up dead at an alarming rate. People flocked to get new life as they had dispatched of the old. It all happened over such a short period of time I didn’t catch on fast enough. All I new were that death and crazy was in the air, and animal bodies turned up everywhere. Thankfully I never saw the babies, but I don’t know if that means they survived. Horrified by the carcasses of small birds and fluffy pets on the streets, I went into a huge cafeteria to find my family and friends. The air got even even more distorted however and people from the outside began running in and attacking each other. I thought we were under attack by a crazed mob, but then people on the inside began attacking each other. I had a sharp thin flat metal construction spatula as my weapon and I fought with it. I had to feel the sickening shunck and I stabbed Tian in the forehead and Caleb in the arm as they tried to strangle my dad. I didn’t want to hurt them, but I needed them to stop, to snap out of it. Then I saw Lazarus get slashed across the stomach. I cried out in anguish and ran to him. The battle was subsiding, most of the people either fled, or were killed, or were simply wandering around aimlessly looking dazed. I knelt at Lazarus’s side and his wound looked fatal, but I couldn’t accept that. I scooped him up in my arms and cradled him. Hopefully this position would slow the bleeding. I began carrying him and crying and begging him to let me save him. He kept telling me not to go to the hospitals. Not to call 911. I still don’t know if it was because he didn’t want me to get killed for saving him, or because the air was already affecting him and he wanted to die. Nevertheless I carried him and carried him and carried him, looking for a place that could save him. All the while crying and saying my farewells. I told him I loved him. I told him how much he meant to me. He was so calm and sweet the whole time. He was in acceptance. I carried him down a long gravel road and to a marble cafe. I brought him inside in hopes to find someone to help, but they all ignored me passively. Then Lazarus stood up out of my arms. I screamed as that opened his wound. Then he threw himself off the stairs. He hit the bottom with a sickening crunch. Blood was everywhere. He got up, barely alive, and tried throwing himself off again. He wanted to die. I turned away. I was crying to hard. He died, and out of his body shot a demonic hound, lean, monsterish, and hungy. It could fly and travel at insane speeds. It went to join the other dogs released by the deaths. This is what the government wanted. I couldn’t go on. But is that not also what they wanted? And I woke up.