Concentration camp

Date: 7/16/2019

By Moniqueelise

Basically, as best as I can describe it: I was in a concentration camp. But I was with A friend (Kayla) and my sister (Lilli). I didn’t know anyone else. I was so terrified. The people running the camp kept wanting me to die. Then, it was my birthday, so I planned to escape the concentration camp that night. So when everyone went to sleep, I went to the fence with no one, I don’t know what happened to Lilli or Kayla. They disappeared from the dream. Anyway I get out of this place, but..... these leader people start chasing me blowing these whistles. Right, so I end up on this beach, and jump into the water because I thought they wouldn’t want to wet their uniforms. But turns out there was a massive shop smack bam on the beach. (Don’t find out what that is until after in the dream). Anyway. The guy chasing me was A boy I use to know who moved far away (Daniel) he took off his suit and told me he wanted to have sex with me.. I practically was being raped because I didn’t want to with him at all. But he didn’t listen. He didn’t even use a condom thooooo so I slapped him across the face and kicked him in the nuts then ran😰. But I turn around and the current boy I like but also my ex (Rhys) was beating the shit out of Daniel on the floor, because he was angry that Daniel wanted to have sex with me. And he wasn’t listening or respecting what I had to say. U just kept smashing him up. Anyway, I didn’t even care I ran to this shop. And Rhys tried to follow me but I told him I was okay. Rhys looked super sad, so I gave him a kiss to say thanks. And then ran to this shop. This shop was apparently some kind of pharmacist. So I rang mum and told her what had happened. I was scared she was gonna be mad at me. But I didn’t care. I ended up on the pill. But the lady in the shop goes “oh yes love you had better take that quick because they say women of the blonde are more fertile” so I took it and just sat out the front of the shop crying. Because of the fact that I just escaped a concentration camp and then pretty much got raped, I was so scared. Rhys was still waiting outside. I told him I didn’t want to talk to you. And you said “I’m sorry! But I’m not leaving you upset here Monique” I almost told him to just piss off. Idk why I didn’t want to be near him. But anyway he Came and sat next to me. And then I ended up crying heaps and giving him a huge and long hug.