Date: 4/7/2017

By cathyyy

I was in my classroom during college. my classmates were a mix of my gradeschool, highschool and college classmates. I was sitting on my chair, 2nd row then 2nd from the right, waiting for the teacher. I specifically remember my hs classmate Nicolo who was sitting on my right and a vacant chair on my left, same scenario on my very 1st day in hs. Then the teacher comes in with a new student. I wasn't listening because I didn't care. then this new student sits on the vacant chair beside me. the teacher started her lessons then left us a seatwork. I couldn't concentrate on my work because I can see the new student from my peripheral vision that he's cute. lol. The teacher comes back and tells us that we should start working on our school play. my classmates in charge then began to gather around to talk about the play. I just sat there on my seat. then we were all told to compress our chairs, so we did. I was now sitting really close to this new guy. We started the meeting, and before i know it, i was already talking and laughing with the new guy. i wad always the director when we have plays or shoots, i don't mind cause i enjoy it. i would stand up to talk but every time i would sit down after i talk to my classmates, i would either cling my arm around his or just hold his arm. After talking for an hr, we were to put our chairs back. i was abt to stand up when i suddenly noticed that my arm was on his arm chair and we were holding hands. i was staring at our hands, at how pretty they are together. he was about to entertwine them but then i woke up.