The House in The Heather

Date: 5/11/2017

By Fileacethedragon

I was laying as close to the ground as I could, on a sloping path in a field of of heather. The surrounding woods were dark and damp, matching the gray, overcast sky above them. In front of me was a three story, modernized Japanese house (a bit like this🏯). It was made with a black wood or metal with large, orange tinted window, though which I could see small objects. I inched closer to the house, pressing myself as close to the ground as possible, the house didn't seem occupied but any future and I would be in full view of anyone in the upper stores of the house. I retreated slightly, then lay there watching the house. body press again then the path, the waist high heather swaying in the wind, the small ray of sun dancing across the windows of the house.