Black spiral mass, basketball

Date: 7/7/2017

By TheNagual

I was in summer class for a while outside in the old houses backyard. I look out and up which was over Jenna's head. There was a u2 stealth plane flying over head that got caught in black web which was next to the moon. The black mass starting spinning around the moon. I was amazed and frightened, no one else was noticing. Eventually it stopped, but soon a massive deadly storm came through that brought cold. It was the end of the world and we were witnesses now. Soon, everything was in this black limbo and there was an entity which was White against the black. Was it a bunny figure? The teacher fought against the limbo like entities that the white entity casted, although this would go on forever and was futile. Eventually, the while entity slowed things down and let our minds become clearer and serene. Perhaps the most unexpected gift I've ever witnessed. An intense game of ball, I remember jumping down over 40 ft of wall without hesitation to get the ball. I did a roll and picked up the ball but threw it back without accuracy. I was laughed at by a few who saw me. We played and at some point the game stopped when I stopped and tied up rope that was going to make a basket?