Captive and the bomb lab

Date: 9/16/2019

By UniqueStarque

I watch a giant cruise ship submerge from water like a submarine. On the top of the ship there are chairs and a few people sitting on them. How they survived being underwater, I don't know. But now I'm on the boat. I see a young man begin used by the crew on the ship. He's their poster boy, a celebrity, but he's being forced against his will to work for them. He tried to escape, but they just catch him again. He's valuable to them. I watch and I find myself wanting to free him from his captors. So soon after I notice he's running again, he's put back into soft rubbery futuristic handcuffs. I try to get them off but then play it cool because his employees are there. I then suggest that it would look really good if he has a lady at his side, they think on it and agree. Soon after people notice he has a lady at his side and everyone goes wild telling each other and posting on social media. As I'm walking on the ship with him, we get a chance and make a break for it. We escape. Next we're driving in a truck with a lady (a cop?) past a giant junkyard full of metal polls and bomb making material. I realize it's a bomb lab and we need to take care of it before someone gets hurt. We get out of the truck and are approached but a could rough looking guys, the obvious bomb makers. They have knives. So as they come at us I grab some knives and throw them at the bad guys and surprise myself with such a straight shot between his eyes. He goes down. Others come at us and most of my shots are hitting their target. They throw a pair of scissors at me like a knife, (both sides have moved to sissors) and it barely skims me but leave my hand bleeding. The boss comes out and has a gun, ready to end us all. He's shooting but some how I get him. But then clones of him start appearing. Everytime we take one down another comes out of no where. Finally we find the cloning machine, and before the next clones comes out, I shoot it with the original's gun that I took when we killed him. The fight is over, and the scene is a mess. We need to dispose of the evidence. But the cop says we can't just burn the place down, but that's my plan. Finally she agrees to it, So I gather everything that would be evidence of me being there. But then I realize that we're in my grandparents house, and if we burn it down, they'll lose everything. And it I take the valuables out for them, someone will know that the fire wasn't an accident. So I regrettably left they're valuables and we set the place on fire. The end.