in the car

Date: 1/31/2017

By reagna_

okay so i was in a car listening to music in my headphones and like singing along and then i look around and there were three other people in there with me. señora florez (spanish teacher- drivers seat) heath hussar (youtuber-to my left) and david dobrick (youtuber-to my right) i was singing all loud so i was like "shit sorry ill be quiet" so it was quiet for a minute but a song came on in my headphones and heath started to sing along so i couldnt help but smile so i had my hand like covering my face and señora and heath were both just looking at me and smiling and singing and it was good ™ then i turned to david but he wasnt david anymore but i didn't recognize the person, then i turned to heath but it was lance(best friend) instead and i was like "bro who's that" and he was like "baka thats asher(my 4y/o brother)" so i turned and it was asher snd thats all i remember