Island dream

Date: 9/5/2019

By MissKate

Was trying to get on a vacation to an island in the middle of the Atlantic. It was both green and lush but also had beaches and certain buildings on it. Island had different zones. There was “danger beach” which was build around a settlement where people lived but you could actually catch plague and stuff there if you weren’t from there. Further down the island there were other zones. Towards the end, two paths diverged in the wood just like the Robin frost poem. And they were surrounded by woods with trailing vines just like I had grown up near. There were schools and resources and it was pretty and people were friendly there but I could only get there by catamaran with the kids. The first time, D and S went ahead and got separated because I had to chase T and J back in the boat. Man I was so pissed at them for that.