Staples and zombies

Date: 8/20/2017

By ispeakofdreams

I had this dream back in May. I got a job at the Staples in uxbridge I think. I had to wear the red and black uniform and Emily Boston was there. I also lived downstairs at staples in this sorority house with other girls from staples? There was a lot of fluffy purple pillows and blankets. I think some of the girls were bitches and didn't like me? Then it kind of changed. It was the same house but outside was this huge front lawn and I think a lake. But there were zombies coming to the lawn and all my family and friends were out there. I had an axe or machete, can't quite remember, and was chopping off zombie heads and stabbing them one after the other, there were so many. I managed to kill them all and saved my loved ones, some might have died? And the last thing I remember was looking in the mirror and seeing myself covered in blood and my hair was a bloody mess and I was still holding the machete