Jumbled, relevant mess

Date: 7/15/2019

By ace200

I had a lot of people over at my house for some reason, but I remember my friend Caitlyn’s mom coming over as well as Ashley’s parents who sat in our family room. My grandma came and demanded I move the Wicked flyers Ashley’s parents gave us. I remember trying on a cute outfit with a red tank top and shorts. The people I had over seemed to want to have a fighting contest and we were supposed to fight. I fought Brynn, but it wasn’t like a good fight since we don’t know anything about fighting. I remember having to drive to the fighting site. I also remember a flood starting and having to grab all my things. I think Mike and Zeke were there. I also remember Aryella (and maybe Emily) picking on two little girls in my garage. They dropped two plates in my garage that shattered. As they walked away, I called Aryella a bitch. She came running after me, but I made it inside with the two girls and locked the door. I then remember being in Jamaica. Some Jamaican women had me on a glider so we were flying around. There was a terrible flood and the sea water had risen A LOT so only little pieces of land were around with people on them dancing, doing crafts, etc. we kept getting too low and I had to try not to hit people. I landed with Caitlyn and Ashley and we started decorating bowls by painting them while a dance instructor gave a lesson to some people in her studio. I was then watching Caitlyn and Emily’s play in Jamaica? And I was jealous of it? A white boy came up to me and asked about my trip, he was cute. He knew Dahms who was also there. This dream seems to just be an odd collection of all the things happening in my life now, it’s all pretty relevant even though it might not seem like it.