Date: 3/8/2017

By adriannadamelio

last night i had a dream. and it was super confusing. it was at bens house and katie and ben and i were there. i believe it was taking place on Saturday day bc we were talking about the banger i am supposed to be going to. but anyways. ben and i were hanging out and cuddling and then next thing i realized katie was with us and her hair was black and curly. and she said she was trying out this new look. and after she showed up ben stopped paying as much attention to me as he normally does. we were on the couch of his basement. and his parents came down and started talking to me and ignored katie. and then it was like 2 in the afternoon. he was like adrianna it would have been better if you came later tonight. it felt like he was trying to get me to leave so he could spend time w both of us alone. and i was there first and then he told me to leave and come back later. it felt like a bootie call. so i left and went upstairs w his parents. pretending i left and talked to his parents. and his parents started asking me about the party saying how they would take me w ben and not katie. bc they trust me bc i have been over there a lot and they don't trust katie. and i was like why is ben coming. and then mrs. suchonic was like he wanted to go to protect you. and i was like why? then they came up stairs and he wasn't surprised to see me. then it is a little blurry but then ben stayed up stairs to talk to his parents and i went down stairs to find katie with half of her hair bleach blonde and she was like i curled my hair to try to look like you then he still wasn't paying attention to me so i tryed to stand out. her hair was a HOT mess. so then i went into his garage and got black spray paint. and spray painted her black so it evened out and it looked normal. it was weird. then i woke up