glitches in the stimulation

Date: 4/14/2019


it all started with me waking up and doing regular, everyday things. i had a boyfriend and two siblings— i don’t remember their names but i do know that there was an older boy and younger girl. the older boy was somewhat rebellious (he was in his teenage years) and would sometimes go on a walk the whole day so he wouldn’t say anything out of anger. on the day everything began to fall apart, that’s exactly what the older boy did. but as the day progressed, everything began to have weird coincidences. that’s when i realized that the boy never came back but i had to go to school either way, so there wasn’t much i can do about it. mind you, we were all in our last grade of high school. that’s when i realized that hundreds of kids were missing too and there was like some sort of force field or bloackade to keep us from going out. people could come in but not go out. and for some messed up reason, we were all forced to battle with each other to see which in the top five(or maybe more) would survive. like survival of the fittest. i performed cpr on a kid and brought him back to life, as well as battle with a kid that i didn’t exactly like. then these people came with syringes to make people fall asleep or die. i fought them for a bit until they over powered me (and everyone else) and i decided to make a run for it but they all panicked and told me no. when i took a step outside and looked at the outside world, everything was with trees and everything grew? it was like a forest. like a restarting world of some sort. for some reason, i was bent on finding where my boyfriend went and i dedicated the rest of my life trying to find him. and yeah