Back with Nick

Date: 3/21/2017

By nikki_bear_

I was in school, leaving Ms.Frankling's class.. and in the dream, Nick was near the stair along with this guy named Blake. Blake had some black and white tattoos, and he was trying to fight Nick. I wouldn't let that happen, so I basically started yelling at Blake, nearly fighting him. I protected Nick, and he appreciated it. He realize that I always wanted the best for him. Later that day he called me, and asked to come over. I asked why, if it was just another joke to him, and what we were going to talk about. Nick told me that we needed to talk about something, and that it wasn't a joke.. I said okay, shockingly. I guess I wanted to trust him for some reason. Nick came over and we were talking and he was thanking me for helping him, but it wasn't necessary and that he could fight his own battles... He asked why I jumped into the situation and I told him it was because I didn't want to see him get into a fight and possibly get hurt. He kind of smiled... there's a chunk I don't remember but I remember him thanking me again, and asking of he could ask a question. I said of course. Nick then asked if we could get back together, he thought that things could possibly work out. I shockingly said yes.. after that we went and drove around, parked the car and to all surprise to me, he asked if I wanted to smoke with him.. so we smoked some weed, cuddled. I felt safe again.. I felt loved, respected, trusted. and from that point on things were good, we got back together. things were better than before, we respected each other's values and views on things. We told each other things that we were going to do before we did it to make sure it was okay with the other. If it wasn't, then we would hang out instead.. Things worked out. we were completely honest with each other and things were good. I kind of hope that one day this will happen, but at the same time I'm so sick of him plating with my feelings