Momma bear

Date: 2/16/2017

By SweetPeaMigee

I dreamt that I had a premonition that my mother was out in the woods and was going to get attacked by a bear. Then, in the dream my mom was out in the woods in front of a cabin. I figured that my premonition might become true so I ran into the doorway of the cabin. I could see her walking around a few feet ahead of me, looking at the foliage on the ground. I called to her to hurry and get in the cabin. She acted like she couldn't hear me, but I know she could because she was only like 10 feet away. I kept yelling and yelling for her to come inside, until finally I stepped out the door to get her and immediately saw the momma grizzly to the right with 2 baby bears. The bear started charging our way, and immediately I knew that my mother was trying to protect me. She knew the bears were there, but she was sacrificing herself so I wouldn't be attacked. I luckily woke up before any damage was done.