Part Was Lucid

Date: 1/31/2017

By ace200

It started with me outside at this festival with my sister. I just remember yellow tents and then running away with her to my Grandma's house, but got there through my yard. I think she was looking after us while my parents were away. She had a dog and I remember petting him. The Theatre company was there too. Grandma had Broadway stuff in her house, like the Anastasia costume and I was really happy. Mr Reppert showed up and started talking about how he was taking the kids to see Dear Evan Hanson and I got confused because we weren't supposed to leave for a few months and they were leaving now. They left playbills behind so me and Zoe gathered them up, but I remember they had creases and I wondered if people was still buy them. I was then at my Grandparent's house, but they left, and the girls from my musical theatre class were there as well as my sister. Zoe and I were both confused about the DEH thing since we paid to go and knew mom would be mad. I forget exactly how I realized I was dreaming. I think I fell on the floor and things got super blurry and strange. I thought that I could be dreaming so I stood up and looked at my hands. I told the group about what I thought and they thought I was being stupid. At first, I thought they were normal, but I counted and had seven fingers on each one. I told everyone we were in a dream excitedly. They all just said, "Cool," and did not care too much. I started running down the halls and jumping and trying to fly, but it wasn't working. I only got lucky once where I floated up for a little bit and could feel it in my stomach. I remember thinking I should go to the freezer and eat a bunch of ices cream, but then this part disappeared. It then switched to this place where this lady pretends to love kids, but then just uses them. So, I was there, with some other kids I don't know. It wasn't a terrible place, there were other adults there having fun, but you couldn't leave. There were multiple rooms with curtains and it looked very religious, but all the adults were smoking and looked ghetto. I remember sneaking into the lady's room to get something for another girl kid and got caught so she took away my vision or something. I tried to escape, but she caught me and sent me back.