Date: 3/1/2017

By bear

Last night I dreamt that I was in a house with my family and a bear came in. I wasn't super scared but I knew how dangerous it could be so I was wary. It played with the dog and walked around and got really close to us. I think at one point my hand was even in its mouth but it was really gentle. I asked if we should shut it outside while we went to sleep because it could eat us in our sleep. No one else seemed concerned so we left it where it was. There weeee also a bunch of minke kids in the house that had been observed a whole gaps two of them had special beds on the counter and that was because it had been observed that one of them had characteristics of an alpha maleness, like the other mommies smiling at him. I'm another dream someone, I think my grandpa, dropped me off to see an old friend. It was John and he was with another guy that I think he was gay with. He dropped me off and I dropped my backpack on the ground and I was picking it up o saw the boys come over. One of them had a hover board. I thought he was really cool and I wanted to impress him by riding the hover board. We were at an arcade. At one point my cousins and I each got on a separate dance dance Revolution machine and played. I also saw a little girl get on a dance dance revolution machine she accidentally picked her level. The choices were a virgin or not. I remember doing dance moves like David bowie. Something about making nachos and living right near the theater. Then in another part of the Dream Sara, Citori and I were hanging out. Guy named Andrew FaceTime to me. I think I remembered meeting him earlier mabye he was the one with the hover board. I saw my reflection on FaceTime that I was wearing eyeliner and glitter he made a comment about how good I looked and he was in a room with a bunch of people. I laughed nervously and said that he put me on blast and everyone else laughed too. I saw that Lyla was there and said hello. When I got off the phone with him I told Sarah that I know how to attract a guy like that's hat and depending on how you dress depicts the type of guy that you will attract. Carotid was a little peeved by this, he saw that I was playing games. I flipped open my glittery note pad and found some old lines of cocaine in it. Sara and o wanted to do them so we went back to the car because we were in a public place. This is the second night in a row I dreamt of drugs in someway.