Date: 6/8/2019

By Vlogstynn

I meet this girl at a pool wearing blue and I saw her at my school so then I never knew her name but in my dream I did and I was at this class with mrs young bc we thought we had school and sy was sitting in a chair and I sat in the other chair and chase said FUCK YOU SY in front of mrs young and she didn’t care then this random teacher came in and we started watching my video history and it was like a roller coaster going backwards or something so then when I left my school was having a big dinner and she was there so Jayce asked her out then he made a property joke or something then I asked for dinner and she said yes so we went to her locker and we kissed and held hands to the dinner but at the locker she said “it’s nice to have a best friend” and I was like yea a best friend bc in my head I don’t like her bc she looked different than in real life and then at the dinner we were trying to get in but it was blocked off then there was this weird purple skull trooper drink or something and then I woke up