Abandoned Arcade

Date: 7/10/2017

By Grovegoblin

I found myself in an old, run-down arcade. Still in buisness, but obviously on its last legs. There didn't seem to be many customers or staff. After I got my coins, I headed over to the Coin Pusher machine and put in a token. It did nothing signifigant, as you woukd explect. But, then I realized that there was glass hatch opened up to the inside. At first, I was apprehensive of cheating and only tapped the coins to make them fall off of the edge. Then, I grew bolder and swiped all of the coins off of the edge. Paranoid and guilty with what I had just done, I checked over my shoulder to look at the counter where I had gotten my coins. But, there was no one there. Then, I looks to my right and saw a woman in a buisness suit strutting her way on out of the manager's door and walking behind me. Finally, I woke up. interpretation: the arcade got bought out by a buisness looking to make a quick buck off of the arcade's bad luck. on top of that, I had been complicit and involved with making sure the arcade lost money on me cheating, even though the cheat (the open glass hatch) was right in front of me. This probably has something to do with the evils of temptation.