Dystopian Murder Mystery

Date: 3/27/2019

By NiceDream

I was walking around a deserted, ruined part of a city in some kind of dystopian future. I came to a large, seemingly abandoned apartment block which had all the doors, windows and furniture missing. I noticed some familiar music and realised it was coming from one of the top floors. I started to make my way up the building and realised why I recognised the music: it was my friend singing and playing guitar. The sound led me to a ruined apartment which my friend had turned into a sort of secret base/hideout. We were overjoyed and had an emotional reunion, as apparently we hadn't seen each other in a very long time. She started teaching me how to play the guitar (which was very old and held together with duct tape) but eventually I had to go to work. While I was at work I was suddenly arrested by the police, who told me the terrible news that my friend had been murdered and I was the suspect. I tried to convince them I was innocent but I was sentenced to jail for life. My dad tried to bail me out but all they would accept was £40,000 to reduce my sentence to something like 60 years. I said I would accept the life sentence but was determined to somehow prove my innocence. The perspective then shifted to a guy who I had hired to investigate the murder. He went to my friend's apartment/hideout and searched for evidence while talking to me through a headset. As he pieced together the crime scene, I saw a flashback of the murder happening: A mysterious stranger had followed me into the apartment, hidden and waited for me to leave and then snuck in and shot my friend in the head. Suddenly I had a bad feeling that the killer was still near by, so I told my investigator friend to get out of there. He grabbed a set of keys (which apparently had the killer's DNA on) and left. He got on a bike and cycled away but was followed by a car. The car knocked the investigator off his bike and the killer got out of the car. He pulled out a gun, shot the investigator and took the keys. At this point it was revealed that everything that had happened was one episode of a TV show that my friend and I were acting in. The episode ended there so I have no idea what happened next :(