Gashes and Grace

Date: 8/28/2019

By bstefanescu

I was in a house with a friend (not sure who it was) and there were these 3 people trying to kill us. There was a middle aged couple and a man the size of Andre the giant. We killed them however we could (snapping their necks, stabbing them, shooting them), but every time we killed them and thought it was over they would come back completely fine. After like 5 times of us killing them, I decided I was going to take a sword and chop off the middle aged Man’s head. When I got to him with the sword he said he wasn’t going to try to kill us anymore, so I dropped it and forgave him. My friend and I went in the garage to find the demon that was possessing the man, and it was trying to get inside of us and possess us but it just kept missing. I took another sword and just sliced the ghost in half (I’m not sure if there was something special with the sword or what).... then we were in a school and I walked in a class to find the teacher was the middle aged man that we killed a bunch of times, but his body was all deranged from us stabbing him and beating him up. He told me that he was having a problem with his lungs because of what we did to him, so I prayed for him.