New apartment, nice building, odd incoming mail

Date: 10/2/2022

By Purple

In my dream, I was living in a nice apartment building with nice neighbors. I was picking up my mail, having small talk with a guy neighbor. The next day I picked up my mail again, but this time my mailbox changed from the middle-right of the row to the very left mailbox. It was larger than my previous mailbox and had some small packages as well as regular mail. The packages were addressed to an old friend, in care of me. How unusual, because this old friend has been out of touch with me for years and years. I had noticed there were large boxes left outside the mailboxes as well, also addressed to this old friend. Three boxes, too cumbersome for me to carry on my own at present. Scene changed to the following morning. My older brother was visiting and I asked him to go to the lobby to pick up those boxes for me. (In real life I would never do that; I’d go down on my own, even if it took several trips.) I guesstimated how long it’ll take him to get those boxes and opened the door just in time to let him in, carrying all three, with his vision obstructed. I spoke to let him know the apartment door was open and he can come back inside. I think dream ended there.