Vampire Dream

Date: 2/13/2017

By janicesuper3

I was showing my friend around the house I grew up in because she was moving in and we would be sharing a room. I showed her my room and another room I don't recognize and I liked the other room better the way it was decorated. we got into the beds in that room and I found lots of spikey things in the comforter- like those prongs that hold jewels in place but no jewels, just the bottoms. I look around and realize there's 2 other people sleeping in this room I don't recognize. like a kid I freak out and run to my parents who are sleeping in their room and they don't really care. one of the people sleeping in the room follows me to my parents room and he is a vampire (in classic horror movie vampire garb) named David who wanted to turn us and he'd try to get close to one of our necks and id distract him with a question and he caught on but I was like, "no, I really want to know" and it became a full blown interview. my alarm went off after a few questions and I can't remember anything I asked him.