Dunkin' Donuts and a Baby?

Date: 8/17/2017

By HarleyQuinn

so it first started off that i went with my cousin to dunkin' donuts and she ordered her stuff while i ordered mine and while we were waiting for our orders i sat with some family and listened to their story?? they had 2 kids and a baby and the husband had an accident so he was handicapped and the mother quit her job to take care of him(idk how important this part is to my dream) so then i picked up my stuff and told them i had to leave but it was nice meeting them and speaking to them. it then jumps to me being at someone's home, i had just gotten out of the shower but i'm doing laundry in the living room and there i see Brad Simpson(idk why he keeps popping up in my dreams out of nowhere i don't really follow the vamps lmao). Some lady was there too and i'm assuming that was supposed to be his mom? anyways He was lying on the floor on his stomach and he looked all sad and when i asked him what was wrong he was like "i miss her, you know. I wanna take care of her and hold her but you say i'm not ready" and at this moment i had a flashback?? to basically Brad holding a baby(which i'm assuming is our baby??) and i looked at him, kissed his cheek and said "Yeah well, i think it's best someone who's ready is taking care of her. I know you miss her but once we've got our shit together i promise we'll all be a happy little family" and he just kinda stayed quiet?? then he goes "my stomach's also hurting because i had some really spicy curry" and it ended there.