piano fingers {lucid}

Date: 1/20/2017

By GraceSmith

I found myself playing my piano. I thought it'd be good to do a reality check. I counted my fingers a few times and I had too many. I wanted to stay lucid so I did simple math and it helped. I got up and went outside. I ran down my driveway, jumping. Little by little id stay in the air longer and eventually I could hover down the street. I got bored but ended up in a mall kind of place. There was a big school building that had two clock towers. There was an Italian looking guy sitting near me and I decided to fly up to the towers. The guy may have been surprised. I made it up but went past the building. I was in a shopping mall walking around looking at shoes. My dad was there and wouldn't leave me alone. I got too focused on him and lost lucidity.