Date: 2/14/2017

By Coconut19944

I was on a bus sleeping but this really young guy kept wanting to sleep with me. My sister kept telling him just to go to sleep. He grabbed Wynns snowsuit, folded it and laid in the walkway of the bus. I wake up to my mom and nate above me as im in a bed in a house. I laid there for awhile, and next I know, my sister is waking up saying "umm, thats weird". I get out of bed and im looking out the window that is like 4ft above the ground. As im looking out the window, it looked like there was shoot stars coming out of the ground. I tell my sister that she has to come see this. I figured out that ita missiles coming out from the ground. There had to have been about 100 of them. The more that shot off, we decided to open the window to stick our heads out to look at the missiles better. I start looking around outside, and notice a "coyote" running around. Well it was a wolf running towards us. We quickly shut the window as the wolf is stand there in front of the window, growling, snarling and snapping at us. Somehow the window reopened. My sister and I alowly back away out of the bedroom and close the door. We go running upstairs screaming "wolf". Next thing I know, I'm in a horse in the Demartins field by my house. I start making this horse run towards the road. There had to have been bout 20 wolves running around. They had a calf elk down and were terrorizing it as I rode right by them. As I kinda go round the block, I find out that I have to jump over the ditch. For some reason, this gal was holding a rope that was connected to my horse. As I made my horse jump over the ditch, the gal ran across a board. I almost made it to the other side, but the gal had to help pull my horse up on the bank. As shes pulling my horse to the bank, people start gathering around to watch all these wolves....