😨😷☠️ Plague Nightmare *GRAPHIC*

Date: 8/31/2019

By peachkeedi

I was working at Chili's again and my old co-workers were closing the store. Jojo had 4 slices of pizza, 2 were cheese and the other 2 were spinach something. I ate one of the spinach ones and went home and went to bed. In the dream, I woke up at 3am to a painful itch on my arms. I turned on the light and saw a dark brown, scaly rash growing up my arms and legs. It was multiplying like crazy and very uncomfortable. It looked almost like chia seeds growing out of my skin. I got dressed and my husband walked in, tired from work. I told him he needed to take me to the hospital immediately and he sighed. He really didn't want to, or see the emergency of the situation. As we talked, I scratched some of the rash off and looked at the pile on the ground. It started to move like ants crawling over each other. Then I woke up