Bees (I'm scared of bee's and I never been stung by one either)

Date: 6/17/2019

By galaxystarz

I'm scared of bee's 🐝 and so I had a dream of them on June 16 2019 so here it goes... I was at my new house and we went to a pool and my family went to get some ice cream 🍦 I didn't want some so I stayed in the pool but then... All these bees kept trying to sting me! Just me! So I kept trying to stay underwater but the bees kept trying to get me so they kept getting In the water (BTW I'm scared of bees 🐝 and I never been stung by one either) and so I was going to life guard and a bee landed RIGHT ON MY ARM AND STUNG ME AND IT FELT SOOOOOOOO REAL TO! It didnt hurt for like 15 seconds then it started to hurt me sooo much I even got blisters on my arm and then my arm got so num :(