No Control

Date: 8/2/2017

By bakedpatater

I had a dream I was just sitting on the couch visiting with family and it was totally normal, then I started feeling weird. In the dream, my whole body started to feel really cold and tingly and numb, and felt super light headed. I announced that to everyone, then stood up. Everyone was telling me to sit down in case I fainted, asking why I stood up. Then I did faint and fell over back on the couch. For a split second I opened my eyes and my legs were just effortlessly being lifted up, almost pointing straight up. My arms were seizing and shaking and I had no control on my body. Then I feel lifted onto my feet and turn to my aunt whom was sitting next to me and let out this terrible yell, or just really loud moan and it felt like my lips had folded out and left my mouth wide open. I jumped on the couch beside her and it felt like I was going to attack her. When I woke up, I was yelling out loud exactly how I was in the dream and shaking and felt how I felt in the dream. Tingly, weak, light headed, dizzy, cold, lips folded, ears were ringing very lightly, my heart was racing, it felt like my blood was very thin and cold too. I'm pretty sure my arms were shaking or seizing like in the dream too because they specifically felt kind of tired once I caught myself yelling and stopped. I kinda felt normal after a few minutes, then felt really strange for another minute or so. Face felt extremely cold and tingly, my head felt kind of light headed and dizzy, but just different and weird, sick. That went away and I feel normal now. I'm glad I had my mouth guard in, because if I was having a full on seizure or something, I could have easily broke a tooth or bit my tongue.