Knocked a bitch out

Date: 2/22/2019

By mydreamsdefineme

I was chilling against a wall in English class and the class thot decided to take off her shirt and bra to get guys attention. I rolled my eyes and said “aye look we got a thot in this bitch!” The other girl got all cocky and started saying “yo you wanna fight!! Wassup?? Let’s go” I stood up and got right in her face and said “girl don’t act all tough n shit, you ain’t about that life” She took a swing at me , which I dodged and stood up on a desk. She was begging me to come down and finish the fight , I told her fine and stepped down. I swung at her face which caused her to stumble down, when she stood up again I roundhouse kicked her and she fell and hit her head on the corner of the white board and passed out. It switched to me walking to the nurses office to apologize to the girl. When i approached her she got all defensive and her dad yelled at me. I just walked back to class. When I walked back to class, I sat in a normal desk next to this one kid named Cameron. I heard people whispering saying “that bitchass angry Latina,, how ghetto” I got really mad , stood up and yelled “y’all wanna say that shit to my face? Because I can go for a round 2!” Cameron motioned for me to sit back down. My classmates starting saying stuff like “you didn’t need to punch her, she was joking” and alternative versions of that when Cameron yelled “guys!! The other girl started the fight okay??! Alyssa just finished it!” I sunk in my chair and quietly said thanks , he said no problem