Narnia dream world.. thats actually just a realistic book I was reading?

Date: 3/3/2017

By laramc

This little boy and I are in this Narnia-like world and we are saving these animals who can talk from an evil.. snake? The boy is practically the king but isn't crowned yet, as he has an older brother who does not know about the alternate universe (narnia). The evil snake keeps reappearing and is near impossible to defeat. When he is finally defeated the boy and I are back in reality and are given a little cylinder that will show us a vision of friend we met receive something.. I don't know if it was his sight or not but there are puffs of magic and smoke and he brings tears to our eyes as he jumps for joy. His image disappears and the cylinder closes into a 2D circle. This is a recurring dream that I'm only just writing down for the first time. Some scenes I remember and can't bring into the plot: - the snake, once defeated, uncoiling and slithering off, I see him from my bedroom window. - we are at my primary school - the stairs in my house are different sizes, the bottom steps are the tables from school? The top steps come too close to the ceiling and it's hard to come onto the second floor. There were only ten steps instead of eighteen. - the snake slithering away from our driveway, then coming closer to the wall (where I supposedly can't see him) as he turns and heads back towards the house. - the older brother in the kitchen, he is worrying about his younger brother as he is never around - are we in the bush? Looks like the bush in crocodile Dundee lmao - I forget if the older brother knows about the au so I casually bring up the fact that I just saw a snake - I cry after our friend receives his.. vision back? It is the last scene of the 'movie/book' and I am back in the 'real, real' world with my real sister (in the dream) crying because the cylinder showed us a view of what the 'characters in the book' I just finished reading actually looked like. - my sister asked me if I actually found it really emotional and I replied with something like "it's like seeing your parents for the first time, seeing a character you really care about, seeing him in real life, especially such a touching scene like this" Basically if this is confusing I think the whole story of me and the boy was supposedly a book I was reading but seemed so real to me (as they do), and then when I receive the cylinder, the boy morphed into my sister just as I had finished the book. I'm now in the 'real world' and the cylinder magically appears before us. Seeing a character from a book, what they really look like, is apparently really touching to me. I woke up with tear streaked cheeks. Wow 😂😂