Running from the kkk

Date: 3/11/2017

By kidden

I was in the olden days with my 3 sisters and we lived at a fort so we were walking around and then we saw the kkk and we were scared even though we are white the whole fort started panicking and killing each other and one of the kkk members grabbed Molly and was saying they'd marry her off but I yanked her arm. Then I went to go find Rosie and Sophie when we found the other two I made sure we all held hands because people were trying to kill each other and we started sprinting for this river way out and everytime people would try to grab us we'd just clothesline them. When we got to the river we all jumped in then Rosie tripped and fell I started yelling for her to jump in and then Ellie our childhood friend came and scooped her up tossed her in and jumped in with us as we all floated away to safety