What is more important?

Date: 6/4/2019

By Fitful

I was in a planet and finding these huge metal tanks, I mean very very large, and starting them up again. I think they er emade rom silver. They were large ancient tech made to do something which helped the planet. The tanks processed paint, or wax maybe, in big vast quantity. They were everywhere all over the earth. It's possible it wasn't me knowing about them, but a god. He was with me for a time and kept disparaging the plan. He said using metal refining as a fuel was a terribly backwards plan, and he went in detail about how. I didn't really listen to him as I knew this was going to save the planet start up a business, and use ancient tech. Slowly we uncovered more and more and collected the paint which each tank processed then dumped into the sea. It wasn't difficult to collect the paint, it didn't hurt the ocean, it was almost gelatinous but in a paint type way. Either way it was contained and easily scooped up. ~ I was high in a tower, over seeing my kingdom, or the kingdom I'd begun. There were some questions about morality. Someone died and it had been convenient because he was become such an adversary it was looking like we might have to kill him. He died by accident but both me, and friend of mine, stood at the window and debated ethics. Then we ate some of his ashes and spit them out into the wind, so we wouldn't forget. ~ I was a child, having been drug around by royal parents, or something along those lines. I was attending a school, a public school I think, and is made some friends, two girls. We went through a lot together in a short time. We had a nemesis, a large fat woman which was also terribly abusive and a dominatrix on top of it. A paid mistress. She was disgusting overall. But we always put up with her, gritting our teeth in smiles, and somehow she was almost a frienemy. We sat wrapping or unwrapping presents, Halloween presents, that the three of us would share and they changed their plans on me. It was the end of the day and I had been supposed to stay the night with them, maybe move in with them to their dorm, I think we all got our own though so I don't know. I know I was supposed to be with them that night. And they made other plans, something about a boy. I left the presents. I had uncovered a wallet full of receipts and gifts from all the frienemy's clients who had bought her holiday presents. I left that with one of the girls and went to wash dishes. I imagined the woods, this vast forest which was i wanted to return to and be alone, maybe never come back to the school. One of them followed me, the dark haired girl, the other from a different room hollered to ask if I was okay. If I was upset. I was trying to pretend I was okay but I was feeling very betrayed. I lied at first then I came out with "Since I got here I've been all in with you two. I've been here, doing everything." I almost threatened to never come back after Halloween break but I didn't, I stopped myself not wanting to be manipulative. Instead I said. "I deserve a little consideration in return." The dream just stopped. The girl stopped and stared and stopped moving as if there were no more lines and no more script and nothing. I felt my mind take over trying to push the dream along and I almost started it off in a positive direction but I stopped and let it stay still. It felt wrong, the direction I wanted to take it in, and this felt right, important, like I was supposed to learn something. So I just let the dream stop.