Meter Lady hunting me down?

Date: 5/15/2017

By duhneeka

So my dream started when I parked my car. I remember checking to see if I can park there and there were no signs so I thought I was good. My boyfriend and I went into some building for maybe 5 minutes. I came back down to get something out of the car and I have a ticket on my windshield. Then I looked up and saw a no parking sign out of nowhere. Then I went to go checked the other cars to see if they had tickets and I was the only one. At this point I'm enraged and then I found the meter maid in a traffic police car. I knocked on the window furiously and she lets me into the car. The meter maid looked like Tonya from Little Women Atlanta but average height. So I'm in the car and I'm like "yo wtf why am I the only one who received a parking ticket. I proceed to tell her I'm broke just lost my job and have other bills to pay. Then I showed her my bank balance which I only had a penny. I can see on her face she was starting to feel bad. I asked can she rip up the ticket. She says she can't to that but she'll pay the ticket for me. Then I give her my ID and my address and thanked her. I'm not entirely sure what happened after that but for some reason she saw my boyfriend buying a Porsche and two pricy bongs. She comes to me with her boyfriend at my house furious. She then explains to me that she thought I was broke how is he buying these expensive things and she could've saved the money from the ticket. Then there was like a Scooby Doo kind of chase and we ended up somewhere abandoned. She and her boyfriend cornered me and then I told them I really didn't know he bought that. I didn't know he was rich. Which was very true. Then she says why didn't you just tell me that. Then we hugged it out, started kissing and next thing you know we were naked and I was licking her p*ssy. Then our boyfriends came around and just watched. Strange shit