Muslims take over USA in a disturbing and very long war.

Date: 3/17/2017

By KaraKill69

You read the title it began with Muslims invading began as a slow process they got involved in many liberal causes as a way to justify thier cruel action. in the dream I was in My house staying away from the riots and there they were looking in my Windows. I flashed a gun at them. They didn't budge. somehow a group broke into the house took me and my Boyfriend. They forced me to marry this abusive gross asshole but his other wife's hated me. Because he showed favoritism toward me. I ran away often tho and found Adam he somehow managed to escape. I ran to him. We hid in a house for a little while. He found us and tons of them wanted to stone me. the shithead I married would not allow it. He had fun torturing me. Adam was forced to convert to Islam. He ended up with like 3 wife's. so after years of not seeing my. children and taking care of there children who where roten shits. I ran away again. there was a old man who was hiding in some old country home. I begged for help. He let me in and he hid me. My Fucking husband somehow found me and I told him to just kill me I would never stop running so he put his hands around my neck squeezed and I woke up.