Is My Husband a Seahorse?

Date: 5/12/2017

By gabriel4031

So, my husband tells me that he has some really exciting news for me. "What?" And he says, "We are expecting!" I'm excited, but also dumbfounded. "Wait, how is that possible? You went to the doctor, not me. How can you know that if I haven't gone to the doctor and haven't taken a test? " "Because I am the one who is going to actually give birth!" "Really? Great! I wanted more kids, but the doctor said no with the breast cancer diagnosis, though the tumor wasn't fed my hormones, as you know, 'just to be safe.' He can't be mad at me for that if it's you carrying the baby! I wont have to gain weight! No childbirth! Sorry ... this is good news!" I'm happy I can help him because I've already given birth twice. "Hey, wait! So if you give birth, does that mean you are the mom?" "No, that's what female parents are called. I will still be called the dad, though I'm the one giving birth." "Oh, okay. I'll miss not carrying the baby. That's fun. The weight gain, not so much."