small town theatre

Date: 3/5/2017

By Faith997

It was one of those dreams that made no real sense. Some people I know were performing a play in the center of our small town and I had a role against my will. I didnt know what my role was I didnt know my lines and I didnt even had to play my role because I had to wait in a small kitchen where I was cooking something for the crew and there was also a cute girl who argued with me about cooking but she didnt know anything about cooking. When I was called to play my part I went outside and just sat next to the "protagonists" of that play when suddenly the whole audience stood up and gave us single pieces of blue smarties. I got about 5 of them and even then I had no damn clue what was going on. (I should have realized that it was a dream then) Then the audience diappeared and I dont really remember the end and I woke up. Edit: that kitchen and the center of our town were two completly different places (physical) but a simple door connected them. This should've also made me realize that I'm in a dream.