mom tumor

Date: 6/27/2017

By headFeed

(nightmare) I was in the car with my mom and dad, my mom was talking about how she wants to leave. were heading to our old house in ikego? but then we lose the car and we have to head to tokyo to go to the hospital? my mom is pregnant again for some reason. i think she is having my brother again. were at the train station. my dad takes a weirdly complicated route where we have to run to make the train. the train doors close but i run and plead for them to open it and for some reason everyone knows my name. my mom is right behind me but they close the doors on her. the train goes and i signal with my hands that well be waiting for her. i walk down the carts to find my dad. we meet up and get off at another weird station i dont recognize. we leave the station and theres a fancy bar right infront of the exit. we wait a bit and i walk down the stairs again to see if my mom is looking for us in the station. even though a bunch of people come out of the train i dont see her. something feels terribly wrong. another train stops and passes, shes not there. i leave and a bartender at the bar advertises their food and coffee to me but i decline and say im planning to go there another time. i go back to my dad across the small one way street. i hear screaming from the station. its an angry scream. a scream i remember my mom making thats not of fear or pain but anger. im terrified. something is horribly wrong. i stare at the building thats over the station. i look at the exit and a mass of flesh comes out. somekind of tumor from within my mom caused by the fetus. its fleshy and alive and huge. we see parts of the building breaking, more flesh and muscle and bones coming out from different parts of the building. eventually destroying the whole thing. the fetus.. tumor thing comes after us but cant reach us due to my moms actual body being underground at the station. me and some other people begin to plant bombs to try to destroy this thing that was my mom. we arent synched well enough and end up trapping a guy in a room with some bombs.. i remember on the second floor of a building, a parking complex i think, i see my mom talking to me about something. her weird flesh hanging from the walls and the tumor floating around like it has a mind of its own..