“Burn in hell”

Date: 3/21/2019

By savagebutterfly

It started with me and some other people going to a house that’s similar to the one I’m living in now, it was weird cause the furniture was almost exact as my house and there was a guy and his daughter living there, the daughter was In my room and it looked the same but w crayons sorted by color on the floor. Somehow I guess we were all messing around and the guy pulls a knife on me and puts it behind my neck and I’m being sort of held down by someone else. I felt tingles down my spine and I started freaking out and crying, after he stopped some dude came up to me w a journal and said I was showing symptoms of anxiety and it wasn’t good and all I said was “ok cool”. But then the dad that lived at the house started freaking out cause we were staying to long and we were messing around in the front yard in a ditch, and me and my family started running out in a panic and I just remember feeling scared and they all split, somehow I ended up back in the house hiding in the dark sitting on a bed (it wasn’t like my house anymore), then the girl is walking around w her phone light on looking around and somehow doesn’t point her phone at me or look at me, and I’m just trynna sit still so there’s no movement and before she showed up I put a sheet mask on so my face was like white, then she sits down and kinda points toward me like she was telling someone else and the dad pops out and grabs me and tells me I shouldn’t have been there, then the girl grabs like a stretchy headband and strangles the dad and I make a run for it to the front lawn, my family is there looking tired and frantic, and They tell me I’m ok now and I said I’m not so sure and I turn around to look at the door and the dad walks out on fire and says see you in hell, falls down and the house caught fire. Then I woke up.