Sherlock's eyes

Date: 5/15/2017

By Spooped_gurl

I was with Sherlock and John (from the BBC one with Cumberbatch) and we were in an outdoor area canopy with white sheets and furniture. It was at this really nice manor with lots of trees and manicured lawns. We were investigating a murder and John was busy waking around looking for clues in the background. It was a pretty day and a light breeze was blowing. Sherlock and I were talking about the case then switched to planning a wedding with a similar setup for an outdoor reception. Then he said something about our daughter and she'd really like that. I think she was little so probably our wedding we were talking about. He was wearing a dark purple shirt and black slacks. I think I was wearing his long coat and jeans. His eyes were super intense like even more colorful than normal. I remember just gazing in them getting lost. Then he looked back super intensely and grabbed me by the shoulders and told me to wake up. Then I did.