End of road restaurant

Date: 1/31/2017

By craig-bert

I was following schoolbus in big car. I was driving behind and when the bus stopped to let a student off, I would drive up next to the bus and stop just short of the door. The kids and the bus driver did not mind because they knew me and trusted how I worked. At one stop there was a car that blasted right by on the other side of the bus. I think that is what I was doing, taking up the space to keep cars from driving on the door side of the bus. They were all girls... nothing but women in this dream, until the end. We were on a dirt road out in the sticks, when the bus needed to turn around. There was a little issue but it was done. Then, beyond the turn around there was an overgrown road I knew from the old days. There was and old house there I was at long ago. A young woman in a old Range Rover came out of the road. And as I turned onto the road and back in the other direction, there was something of a line of cars, all young women, and all driving distracted. Just there at the end of the dirt road, there was a restaurant that got few visitors. I go in for a glass of wine instead of driving behind slow cars. A brunette behind bar judges me and suggests a dollar wine. I say alright and she gives me a shot glass of wine. I give her two bucks and another guy, a young guy trying to act cool absentmindedly takes my wine. I call him out and he is apologetic, and works to get me another one, but doesn't have the command of energy I do. The brunette finally comes over and I tell her to never mind wih the assumptions and give me an adult glass of wine. (Which speaks to the idea that booze in dreams has an emotional quality.) So, it was all women that worked at the bar and at the customers were youdng men. The brunette assumed that I could not handle the wine like the rest of them. Thus the small wine. I guess she was used to dealing with children. I wondered how many had allowed her to project that assumption onto them without saying a word.