Fake Delivery

Date: 3/18/2017

By annie2az

I (17 y/o) was home with my 19 year old sister, her one year old and our two younger brothers (10 & 12). We heard a knock on the door and looked through the glass on the doors to see 3 strange men. One of them was bold, one with a pink hat and and one with brown hair. My sister opened the door slowly and only partially while I stood by her side on the steps also looking out at the men. her toddler was stood a hit further away behind us while my brothers were upstairs. The men asked if we ordered pizza and the middle (bold) one held a pizza box. We shook our heads and the men looked at each other. Either my sister or I asked if it's not weird that 3 men are delivering pizza. This caused them to panic. The bold one threw away the box and all three took a hold of my sister. I could see that if they take her, they would rape her or killed her so I grabbed her other arm and was pulling her my way while they were pulling their way. The dream ended with the pull fight between the 4 of us.