M, Randomness

Date: 8/11/2019

By Yeraz

The night before last night, I slept at his house. I dreamt I told him I loved him and he said he loved me too. I almost thought it actually happened because it felt so real and it was like a dream scene of where we were sleeping at the time. A few nights ago, my bf M was looking through a bag I had. He said wow you have all this old stuff in here, let’s get rid of it. He threw away an old sandwich and a few other things that I can’t remember. I said wow I recently cleaned the bag out and thought I took everything old out. Last night, my dreams were so messed up. Last night in real life, M was at a wedding. I dreamt he was snap chatting some girl named Erin saying “Hey Erin” with a flirty face. He accidentally sent it to everyone and his friend saw it. His friend told me and I said tell M that I’m pissed! And he said he would and he did. Then M sent me a message that said Sorry N, she’s just a small nurse. Whatever that means! He also supposedly watched a room full of half naked women dancing and was recording it. My sister found out and was yelling at him like how can you be in a room full of women like that?! Did you touch any of them?! Bahaha. Omg... Then I saw my friend J from FV and said is M drunk? And she said not really. And she said he was thinking about you, he asked if we have any projects for you. A few nights later I dreamt my mom said “you don’t have to see him two days a week.” Lately my bf and I have been talking about how many times a week we want to see each other. Ideally twice is good for me too but sometimes I’m so busy that it’s hard.