Volunteering in Strange Country?

Date: 7/26/2017

By kkthedreamer

(Night 4 of Michigan) So in my dream, I knew that I was me, but I was a completely different girl. I was tall, blonde hair, flawless skin, I looked like a model. I was somehow volunteering in a foreign country. I was helping kids in the village but I don't know what for. Apparently it was for JC. There was this camera crew interviewing me for some reason. It was being broadcasted live on television. Then I met this beautiful boy that looked about my age. I walked up to him and he asked me, "You're not used to being on TV, are you?" I shook my head and I'm not even sure where the conversation went. Then there were clones of me and the boy, except they were different people. It's hard to explain. Then in the next scene of my dream, I was in another foreign country except I knew it was India. Apparently my cousin, whose been in many of my dreams lately, had a house in India that she never told me about. Only it wasn't a house, it was more of an ancient ruin.