Dating and Doing My Own Thing

Date: 4/6/2017

By Cj

My living leader asked if I wanted to have a different relationship with him - spend more more time together and pursue knowing each other better in personal, private outings. i was happy about it but said I was recently considering if something like that was something I wanted and thus would get back with him soon. Went back to high school for a performance. Saw it, but my brother disappeared after the show. My mom was angry; she knew he must have been with his girlfriend. We all went home and he logged onto the home computer by hacking it because it was locked. As a big campus-wide welcoming Campus event there were ziplines over a pool. One white girl went and lost her weave and fell. She denied the weave; her spouse / significant other tried to console her; he was groveling and she was embarassed and angry. It was my turn; I would go over the pool. Before I went, someone shouted about "Richkley's Law"; after some thinking I realized it was a joke with no real danger and grabbed on, pulled myself back, and launched. The people around me working the function knew nothing about the safety or even how to attach people or send them properly, hence my having to grab on tightly and work myself back up the rope to get some room for momentum. I knew it would be hard to swim n clothes; I half experienced this as I rose info half sleep before waiting like that fornmy alarm. The guy and I went on a date downtown. I didn't ask about the rule seemingly against it. He darted across an intersection recklessly, happily; I followed a little more cautiously, keeping to one crosswalk I flew across just as the light turned red. It was a fun and happy experience. Later / throughout the drean I was learning that the relationship didn't violate any HR rules because the relationship was not "brought into" meetings, moments of power, group events, etc. In bedrooms down our hall we all individually sat; I was in my bedroom listening to a radio basketball interactive game that involved keeping the window open. It was a furious windstorm, and I finally decided it was time to shut it. I crawled to the window and after some struggling pulled it close. The guy walked by and acknowledged that it was a good idea; keeping it open like that just wasn't worth it / was useless / was dangerous. I walked across to Gatsby's room (real female friend I live with) and sat on her floor. Someone from our hall was missing / moved out without letting anyone know. I felt fine.