Shopping Rituals

Date: 4/17/2017

By bearln

It was a late night, around 1am. Spencer and I were driving around Berlin to all of the chain stores. During our excursion, we stopped at a store that sold all sorts of stuff, kind of like a mix between Menards, Walmart, and Pet Smart. He was trying to buy a tarp for whatever reason, and I ran into Wyatt! The store was closing, well, they started to lock the doors and the workers tried to circle all the people together, and we wanted no part in this creepy ritual thing so we quick tried to hussle out. But on the way out, we passed the cutest pets! They were in their little cages waiting to be bought, most of them were just made up animals but they were drop dead adorable. Wyatt and I got distracted and kept trying to look at the animals. We started to get circled in by the workers there and we had to sprint to the door. At the checkout, Spencer had eaten entire bags of strawberries, grapes and other fruits, while he shopped. He had other things in his cart at well. He saw us rounding the corner and grabbed his stuff from the cart and ran for the door. We made it just inthe knick of time.