D.O Dream Again

Date: 7/1/2017

By mooncreature

As you can see with the title...lol This time he was far far NEARER. I can see his mily skin so clear, the dots on his nose and the moles on his neck. I was watching exo concert, probably exordium because i remember the setlist. In the middle of the maddening crowd, there came a man with white shirt, long sleeve, a white shirt inside, and black pants. He wore a black cap that covered his hair. He nudged my shoulders a bit, and i thought he was going away from the crazy crowd facing the stage - and needed a space to walk out. Its rare to see a guy watching exo in my country LOL, so my eyes were averted for quite a long time following his moves. I was thinking he was a boyfriend to one of the girls watching exo. He slid to the back of the crowd and into the clearer area near my section gates. He just stood there and put his hands on the gate in a relaxed position. uHe actually watched the concert. I suddenly got pushed far back when the song "artificial love" came because i knew theres a cane dance and the girls went all crazy lol. I just gave up and also watched the concert from the back of the section. I realized this guy on my left side. I couldnt see his face. And he asked in a loud voice to me dont i want to step to the front and saw the dance. I answered in almost scream "i dont want to get killed" and he laughed. I saw his face and i almost died. It was D.O HIMSELF WTF???! THAT DO KYUNGSOO. OR SOMEONE WHO LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE HIM! Weirdly i asked him casually why werent he on the stage. He pointed to the man who were dancing with the cane on the stage. It was D.O too.... I thought he was a man looking like D.O but my mind is 100% sure this guy i was talking with is THE D.O. Before i start asking him questions he moved sooo close to my face i could almost explode right there. I can see his milky skin so clear, the dots on his nose and the moles on his neck. I can see he sweated a little - and the sweet smell of his perfume (or himself??) which i cant put my hands around what kind of fragrance it is. Its like the times when my boyfriend smelled so sweet but when i asked what kind of perfume he wore - he said he wasnt wearing any. He is so close, so fucking close, i KNOW this is a dream. He went behind my ear and i swear i could hear me screaming to myself "OH my God!!! ashdhaka2$/$.$/8/8/'IamNa##\%\=!!!!" He said to me that this has been going on since XOXO album. What is??? I shouted back. There had been people who looked like him replacing him so he can do other stuffs. He said if youre an exo-l you must known this? That his face looked different in several pictures taken by fansites - thats because there ARE more than one do kyungsoo. I was struck lol. So which do kyungsoo is the one ive been super in love with??? I put my lightstick in front of my lips and i remember ask him quietly *because i know its a stupid question..." are you the real one?? He laughed and said it didnt matter didnt it? I FUCKING WAKE UPPPPPP