Marital infidelity, knot in tree and Celtic folklore

Date: 4/5/2017

By Purple

In my dream, Joanie was cheating on her husband and had the bad taste to sleep with her lover in the same room. I told her that was an act of disrespect. She said all she did was moan softly and he couldn't have heard her anyway, because he was sleeping or passed out. I said it was still a bad idea, in poor taste, and how did she know for sure if her husband wasn't faking being asleep or passed out? We were walking by the old block where we lived as kids. There was a tree in front of the building and windows of Joanie's apartment as a kid. The tree had a knot in it facing Joanie's apartment. Suddenly, Irish folklore wisdom entered my thoughts as we passed that tree on the block. It was wisdom that came from the depths of my soul and nothing I have heard before. I have to research this in the waking world, but in my dream, the tree knot, in Celtic folklore, symbolized an evil eye and I warned Joanie to cover that knot and to cross herself each time she passed it.