Outta the Minds of Babes

Date: 4/14/2017

By Fitful

I dreamed I was on a mission or a job. It was to build something/investigate something/transport something. I'm really not sure there was a train involved and a living on the site situation. I also seemed to be investigating. Meh. Maybe it was all three? I found myself investigating this situation, like hard hitting don't even tell my boss the details incase it compromises the situation. I have a guy I'm either investigating or friends with. One night we, or I, find a guy who has to smash this building's blocks but he's too tired. He tries with his hands and tries but it is just too hard. I look at his hands and their calloused like bricks, for smashing, but he has simple done too much. Unfortunately he's at a crucial spot.. I do it for him instead. And I break into a new room, and release something in cases which were stored there and unopened. I think it's a snake. A bit later me and the guy I was originally investigating both wander back to our prospective dorms a few levels up on the dorm level, and fall asleep. Not a normal sleep guys. We wake up and we're both children again. Like small, six or seven size children. People we know and work with enter our rooms looking for us and see us as children and don't know it's us, the assume we're our own offspring. I continue investigating of course and the guy continues with me, I think he's trying to prove his innocence, I'm trying to prove it's his guilt. But the longer we stay as children the quicker we forget even huge violations such as on the surface we run into a man transporting a monster, what I swear is a monster, but looks like a pile of dirt or a tree stump. We let him go and forget about it because we're kids and forgetting our adult lives. As a child I have pig tails and my hair is split in half directly down the middle, beautiful silver and black hair, one color to each side, or perhaps there's this harlequin thing going on. Yes. It's amazingly beautiful. In the end I find it's my/our boss who is the head of the investigation who is standing on these lines, like clothes pins strung across a large room we excavated, and doing something, releasing something. It turns out his goals aren't sinister and there might be more to investigate, I believe there is, but by confronting him I find us outted as investigators.