Weird Dream

Date: 2/25/2017

By JayTheFox

Ok so, this dream is very, very complex. I was at home with my brother and mother and dad. My brother was like "my girlfriend invited all over to watch a movie" and my parents are like "oh ok let's go" So then we go over to her house and i'm like oh hell yes. So we go over there and watch a movie. And then i think what happens is it switches to this very specific dream i've had a lot. I don't remember exactly what happens, but it was weird. Then it switches to a game of Garry's Mod, or Gmod for short. Me and a friend are playing. But a person joined our game somehow and tried to kill us both. he killed me a few times. Then the dream switches to me as the youtuber, dashiegames. Literally. I'm fuckjng dashiegames for some reason. And i'm playing this racing game against youtubers, AND AN ACTUAL FRIEND OF MINE. so in this game if you crash you die right? So i decide to try to fucking go through two skinny bars and i landed it. i was like HOLY FUCK WHAT THE FUCK HOLY SHIT!???? it was a weird dream. then it switches to me controlling dashiegames through the tv. Tired me, Then trying to save that sweet replay of me going through the two things and landing it to people, but then i ended up falling asleep. then i woke up in real life. i don't think that's how everything exactly went, but that's i remember it. i'm slowly forgetting it.